Boxbear - hestens ven


As you know, horses are very social herd animals, and for various reasons we often do not have the opportunity to stimulate our horse's social needs optimally.

Many hours in a stable, and alone, the horse holds to cover its natural urge to cuddle and nibble.

Here, a BoxBear can be a good replacement for a friend as the choice of material appeals to the horse's urge to use mouth and nose for social stimulation.

The horse can spend hours cuddling its BoxBear, and thus make it smell of itself, and provide security during transport, and when stabled in foreign stables.

Therefore, BoxBear Safety Straps have been developed, as the strap easily mounts both BoxBears, salt stone, hay, and whatever else you want to hang up in the box, and just as easily disassembled and hung in the trailer, and again in the new box. The strap can be exposed to large pulls, but should the horse unexpectedly get stuck in the hay net, for example, the strap will break when jerked, without the horse being harmed.

Choice of Materials

For safety reasons, there are no parts on the BoxBear that can splinter and be swallowed.

Eyes and nose are embroidered.

All materials are non-toxic.

For safety reasons, of course, we also recommend BoxBear Safety Straps for hanging everything in the box.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that the horse cannot destroy its BoxBear - some horses WILL just "kill", but BoxBear’s fluffy character, makes it less easy to "kill".

Terapi, Stress, beroligende, Følafvænning, Bamse, Boxbear, hest
Terapi, Stress, beroligende, Følafvænning, Bamse, Boxbear, hest